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The groundbreaking healing sounds, visuals and movement experience is meant for individuals and large groups
and is guaranteed to leave you feeling connected, euphoric and embodied with your intentions & dreams.

Bring Manifestival™ to your event, festival or organization and watch BIG shifts happen!

The Manifestival™ Mission

Manifestival Mission.

We have created a unique combination of sensory and auditory stimulation in this one-of-a-kind experience. You'll become a magnet for your intention, as ancient healing sounds are blended with beats that will make you want to move.

Scientific visuals designed to rewire your neural pathways and stimulate growth in your cells will enhance the experience. This fun-filled movement will allow you to harness your body as a vessel for connecting with your deepest desires and amplifying the intentions with those around you.

Manifestival™ is the experience where your wildest dreams come true, in a fun, welcoming environment!

Manifestival™ will allow individuals to create and attract their dreams, but even bigger magic will transpire when we unify as a collective with ONE intention.

Organizations will be upleveled! Goals will be achieved!

Together we can do great things.

We believe when we come together as a community, with a unified intention, we have the power to change the world.

Manifestival™ will not only help communities manifest the dreams in their heart, but have positive effects through our unified intentions on natural calamities around the globe. From war, famine, climate change and so much more.

Manifestival™ is a non-profit organization, where we aim to make positive change in the local communities where Manifestival is held along with missions we can all stand behind and with.

Together we can do great things.
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This Mission

Manifestival™ is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that supports protecting sacred indigenous lands, people and cultures. Through this mission we will bring people back to Mother Earth and reconnect to our indigenous ways. If you feel inspired to support this mission, feel free to make your donation above.

Sedona Healing Experience.

“Manifestival™ is incredible. It is a multi sensory journey that helps you connect with your deepest callings of your heart and see them as a reality now. I felt a mixture between a deep stillness and exhilarating joy plus it was really fun! The experience just ended and I feel like I'm living the intention I set.”

Emilio Diez Barroso
Amsterdam Biohacking Conference.

“Manifestival™ blew my mind! I had so much fun and it was this perfect journey of activation, dancing together, watching the sacred geometry, listening to the words, seeing the words. It was really a multi sensory experience and I get goosebumps as I'm talking about it. It just activated every single person to the ultimate next level.”

Lindsay Sukornyk

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Manifestival Pitch Deck.

Manifestival™ Pitch Deck

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